The jjimjilbang 마사지알바 experience is a must for anyone who wants to truly immerse themselves in Korean culture. Regular visits to chimjilbang are very important for Koreans. If you visit jimjilbang in Korea, there is a good chance that you are one of the very few foreigners in the bathhouse.

Jjijilbang is a Korean public bath with showers, jacuzzis, and saunas, but it’s much more than that. Literally “heated rooms”, traditional baths where locals come to relax, socialize and enjoy a range of beauty and health rituals that go far beyond a quick bath. Jimjilbangs are gender segregated beach clubs with hot and cold pools and dry heated rooms.

I leave rested and rested, and after visiting these baths I sleep even better. At my favorite jjimjilbang in Seoul, I like to sleep in both the coal room and the bunk bed room. Some of the more sophisticated chimjilbangs, like Seoul’s Dragon Hill Spa, also have outdoor bathing areas, hot tubs, and entertainment areas like arcades to keep sauna goers busy, sometimes all night long. Although there are common areas for everyone, such as saunas and relaxation rooms, the availability of common areas for everyone depends on the spa.

For the uninitiated, here’s the full experience. In most Korean saunas, the pool and showers are separated into men’s and women’s. If you want to soak in the bath, you need to take a shower first, as Koreans take hygiene very seriously. Koreans take exfoliating baths seriously, and once soaked, your dead skin will be ready to be cleansed.

If you want to indulge in the same treatment (while leveling up your game of chimjilbang), consider giving yourself a sechin or professional scrub after your bath. Even if there is no one stronger than a Korean aunt at work, you can still get rid of a significant amount of dead skin with a standard jjimjilbang scrub washing bath glove. You can also exfoliate yourself. The facials and exfoliations often offered in Korean baths can also be done in the comfort of your own bathroom.

If you want to try a traditional Korean scrub, this is definitely worth it. For a real jimjeelbang experience, I highly recommend getting a scrub from one of the ajumms (older Korean woman).

The most uncomfortable aspect of jjimjilbang beginner spa treatments is getting naked in front of strangers. Like I said before, stripping might seem intimidating at first, but Koreans won’t pay attention to you.

Sure, you’ll have to put up with public nudity when you visit these saunas, but don’t worry, the ajumma (aunt in Korean) in the corner doesn’t care about you. The sauna you can imagine – a steam room heated to hell temperature – may not be the same as a Korean sauna (if you’ve never liked a sauna, you probably will).

These unique resorts are one of the most famous resorts in Seoul and one of my favorite beach resorts in Korea. This place doesn’t look like much from the outside, but Siloam Sauna is also one of the most recommended jimjilbangs in Seoul. If you are interested in the full tour, you can watch the vlog we filmed during our visit, and if not, read Siloam Jjimjilbang’s brief floor by floor plan.

Arriving at jjimjilbang, the first thing you will probably notice is a wall of small lockers. As mentioned earlier, the jimjilbang has a store in the locker room or in a public place. If you are a bit shy and not yet ready to experience the bath, this is the part where you put on the clothes they gave you and follow the steps to the poultice area where you can start exploring Siloam Jimjilbang.

There will be soap, but there won’t be shampoo or conditioner, so you’ll have to bring your own (most stores in Korea sell small disposable bags of various toiletries; they also usually sell jimjilbang). Korean jjimjilbangs are 24-hour beach clubs in Korea that also have spas that can make your bath experience feel like Disneyland. Koreans take bathing very seriously, and many people visit the chimjeelbang weekly to bathe and exfoliate.

The vast majority of locals will visit one of these traditional Korean beach clubs at least once a week or once every two weeks. Traditional beach clubs are an integral part of contemporary Korean culture. For those who suffer from arthritis or chronic headaches, an afternoon in a Korean bath can be not only enjoyable, but also soothing.

Large jimjibangs will always have tables, but like many traditional Korean restaurants, you will need to sit on the floor. The popularity of jimjilbangs may be partly due to the fact that apartments in South Korea are very small. If you are visiting Korea or need a place to sleep after a long night of fun, if you need a cheap place to stay, chimjeelbang is your best option. This article will share what’s going on in Korean jimjilbang and the best jimjilbang in Seoul.

Known as jjimjilbang, these Korean hotspots have been popping up in urban areas of the United States over the past few decades. If you are in a big city like New York, even San Francisco or Los Angeles, you can find local Korean saunas right in your area.

You can try to blend in by throwing a towel over your head so that it resembles Princess Leia’s hairstyle, a true Korean jimjilbang often seen in Korean dramas.


Whether you’re looking for a 오피 career in retail merchandising, the flexibility of a part-time job, or a full-time corporate job, CROSSMARK has the place for you. With more than 60,000 jobs worldwide, Smithfield is in the business of producing “good food”. The question is why we offer great and comprehensive benefits packages for our full-time employees. Sustainability is rooted in our culture and defines how we operate. Our mechanical maintainer is responsible for maintaining production and quality, ensuring the operation of industrial equipment and mechanical equipment.

The production control worker creates work orders, collects and records production data for industrial plants in order to compare records and reports on production volume, material consumption, quality control and other aspects of production. Writes production reports based on collected, tabulated and calculated data according to established forms, maintains archives of used and prepared documents, fills out detailed production sheets or work orders for use by manufacturers as a guide in the assembly or manufacture of products. This work is physically demanding and may require the use of some or all body parts and muscle groups. Members of the Smithfield production team perform physically demanding jobs that require good hand-eye coordination, attention to detail, strength and stamina.

Team members must be available to work on a schedule that may include mandatory overtime, depending on business needs. To successfully perform this job, a person must be able to satisfactorily perform all the basic duties. Employees should, if possible, follow any other job-related instructions and perform any other job-related duties as directed by management. This job description does not imply that the above functions are the only activities that can be performed.

You would like to have two or more years of recent facility maintenance experience. Comply with all necessary practices and procedures related to the safe handling, preparation, production, packaging, labelling, marketing and disposal of food. Carefully read the materials included with the product demonstrations to understand the scope of the program, instructions, manufacturing requirements, and program eligibility.

Interact with customers to communicate key points about the products on display. Work with the team to achieve the sales goals of the products you showcase. Meet a global automotive company that embraces the key principles of lean manufacturing and the ability to connect and build relationships. Retail Events Specialists are responsible for introducing exciting new products and brands to in-store retail customers through tasting events.

General Motors employs a large number of skilled workers focused on manufacturing as well as pre-production and engineering. A large number of workers in low-wage industries work part-time; the average workweek is about 25 hours in leisure and hospitality and 30 hours in retail, compared to 42 hours in the manufacturing sector. In light of this, the fact that the manufacturing sector employs fewer part-time workers and/or there is a lower penalty on part-time wages is another benefit of manufacturing work. The report The Benefits of Manufacturing Jobs (Langdon and Lehrman, 2012) looks at changes in premiums over time and finds that even after checking for demographics, geography, and job characteristics, manufacturing jobs retain significant premiums on wages and benefits.

What is missing from this paper is a quantification showing that the age and nature of the part-time work account for production allowances. The unsubstantiated claim is that wages and benefits in manufacturing are higher than those in other sectors, mainly because it has fewer young workers and fewer part-time workers (who are less likely to receive benefits and receive less). For production as a whole, the category [production worker/non-supervisory] includes work supervisors and all non-supervisory employees engaged in activities closely related to production operations; in 2013, these workers accounted for 70% of all manufacturing jobs.


Working environment for 부산유흥알바 butchers About this section] [Back to top Butchers employ about 145,000 jobs. Explore employment and salary resources by state and borough for butchers. Compare the job descriptions, education, career paths and salaries of butchers to similar occupations. This document does not reflect all job responsibilities or requirements for each position.

In addition, team members must be willing and able to perform tasks related to the job descriptions of other team members. All Whole Foods Market Retail positions require you to maintain a positive corporate image by always providing courteous, friendly and efficient service to customers and team members. Butchers working in retail stores must be polite, able to answer customer questions, and complete orders to customer satisfaction.

Butchers who work in grocery or retail stores may work early mornings, late evenings, weekends and holidays. In retail stores, butchers also wait for customers and prepare special cuts of meat upon request. Butchers in meat processing plants may have a more limited range of tasks than butchers working in a grocery store or specialty butcher shop.

They maintain hygienic practices at work and when cleaning equipment, countertops and work areas to prevent contamination of meat. Since butchers in meat processing plants usually work on the assembly line, butchers in processing plants usually perform a specific function, one type of cut during their shift. In most cases, butchers have to prepare meat products by labeling them by weight, type, and price.

Extensive knowledge of various cuts and methods of preparing meat and seafood. From strong to excellent communication skills and willingness to work in a team. Strong work ethic and ability to work in a rapidly changing environment with a sense of urgency. Ability to follow directions and procedures; effective time management and organizational skills.

The full-time butcher also oversees all activities in the butcher shop and maintains the highest standards of workplace sanitation. The full-time butcher is responsible for butchering and packing steaks for sale, butchering and marinating jerky meats, trimming breast plates for pastrami and smoking, and working with the butcher to butcher whole carcasses and quartered animals. The Butcher works closely with the Chef, Sous Chef and Purchasing Department regarding meat and fish stocks, labeling, product rotation, requesting and monitoring all returns. Electric City Butcher works with whole carcasses from local and sustainable farms and farms.

Clean equipment and work areas to meet hygiene standards. Butchers slaughter meat from larger, larger portions and cut into steaks, ribs, roasts, and other cuts. Butchers spend hours carving, packing or storing meat. These workers use potentially dangerous tools, such as sharp knives and meat saws, and work in areas with slippery floors and surfaces. Conversely, butchers often have to work long hours, although they often suffer from physical health problems due to the stressful work.

In fact, many butchers have to stay in their jobs for quite some time as they simply can’t find other companies willing to hire them in a different line of work. Because they often have weekends and holidays and don’t have to work nights, many butchers are quite happy with their work-life balance, and most butchers also report that they have more than enough time to spend with their families. Some butcher jobs are more practical, while others involve cleaning.

He also oversees the installation, operation, organization and hygiene of the butcher’s work area and refrigerators, as well as the turnover and maintenance of stocks in accordance with standard procedures. whole fish, poultry and seafood.

We know getting a job as a butcher can be a little tricky, but it’s actually less stressful than you might think. If you are really ambitious, you should apply for a butcher internship while you are still in school and build contacts with butcher workers so that you have an easy job after graduation. If you want to make a living as a butcher, you will most likely have to work full time as the hourly pay for butchers is quite low and part time work will not be enough to pay the bills, especially if you live in expensive regions where the cost of living is quite high. . According to Zippia’s latest job listings, the average salary for a butcher in the US is $27,267 per year, or $13 per hour.

Not only will I show you how much money you can earn as a butcher, but we’ll also discuss job satisfaction, hours worked, training requirements, job prospects, and more. Laurelhurst Market is looking for an experienced full time butcher to join our team today. Laurelhurst Market is an open-air butcher shop with no elevators in a full-service steakhouse.


Foxford Hills Golf Club is also looking for part-time members of the 부산밤알바 Foxford Hills Golf Club and Centennial Golf Club is also looking for someone to join their outside aid team. Centennial Golf Club is hiring full-time maintenance staff from April through October.

Thank you for asking about career opportunities at Salt Creek Golf Club. If you are interested in joining the winning Sugar Creek Country Club team and have a positive attitude and passion for “service”, please follow the link provided to get our work done. statement. Consider all questions and schedule an interview based on the needs of the Sugar Creek Country Club at the time.

Interested applicants please contact Tracey Brothers – [secure email] Primary responsibilities include providing quality child care programs and activities for Club members and invited children. a la carte meals and banquet menus are efficient, professional and pleasant.

Job responsibilities include, among other things, cash register management; assist customers with product selection, assist golf shop staff with inventory and storage; assist customers with scheduling game times, provide good customer service, clean the golf store, and maintain a professional appearance and attitude. The main job of the golf shop staff is knowledge, hospitality and customer service. It is the responsibility of golf shop staff to know and communicate all the rules and regulations of the golf course, including spectators, dress code, etc., and ensure that the guest is not left in the dark when it comes to golf course policy. The golf store staff must ensure that the goods are fully stocked and ready for purchase at any time.

Perform light mechanical maintenance on golf carts, including but not limited to lubricating the front ends, changing tires, maintaining proper tire pressure, and preventing battery terminal corrosion. Physical needs include, but are not limited to, standing 4-8 hours a day, driving a golf cart, handling water pitchers, lifting objects weighing up to 50 pounds, washing and cleaning the golf cart, golf courses, handling golf bags, and clean sticks. Duties include washing golf carts, cleaning the driving range, and assisting with various golf maintenance tasks. Job responsibilities include mowing, pruning, and performing various gardening and maintenance activities on the golf course; various manual work and other related works; Ability to use maintenance equipment including lawn mowers, brush cutters, edgebanders and hand tools.

Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, selling drinks, snacks, sandwiches, hot dogs, and other merchandise on the golf course. Employee benefits include on-duty meals, free parking, and limited golfing rights. Golf Course Operations Permanent positions include Assistant Superintendent and Mechanic. Grill assistant positions are available full-time or part-time, including weekday and weekend shifts.

Pleasant View Golf Course is looking for part time staff from April to October. Positions typically include seasonal and temporary jobs, as well as full-time or part-time paid positions. Eagle Valley offers a friendly and flexible work environment with a variety of temporary and seasonal roles. Seven Oaks Country Club is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we offer a competitive benefits plan for full-time employees including physicians, dentists, optometrists, EAPs, Aflacs, and employer-qualified 401ks.

PGA Golf Properties Inc. is currently recruiting Golf Course Guest Services Officers – external staff who will be responsible for identifying golfers’ needs and maximizing the enjoyment of the game by providing friendly, fast and efficient service to all guests and members. PGA Golf Properties Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of PGA of America, advances PGA’s goal of encouraging enjoyment and participation in the game by providing world-class accessible golf courses, research, education, licensing and consulting services. Members and guests are warmly welcomed at the PGA Golf Club. If you are passionate about customer service and love golf, look no further than Boca Raton Golf & Racquet Club! Boca Raton Golf & Racquet Club is a true paradise on 167 acres with an 18-hole golf course.

OBannon Creek Golf Club is looking for team players to join our food and beverage staff as full or part time waiters and bartenders to assist members and guests with their culinary needs. Responsibilities include greeting members and their guests, assisting with center equipment, and enforcing fitness center policies. You must be 18 years of age to work in the catering department and have a driver’s license to work in the golf and maintenance departments. For service location inquiries, please submit a completed application to the Foxford Hills Golf Club Maintenance Building or email Pedro Sánchez.

The Golf Store Clerk position is a part-time paid seasonal job that starts in April and ends in November (weather permitting). The golf shop staff also offer free golf and cart privileges at Hawthorne Hills and Mee-Kwon Park golf courses. The courses feature a full-service commercial kitchen, a bar and grill, and dining for golfers and other private events, accommodating 40 to 120 guests.

Golf Shop – Help us manage our busy golf shop by answering phones, registering golfers and providing our guests with the best service. Despite the benefits, there are some downsides you need to consider, such as weekend work, early wakeups, and consistently excellent customer/golf course customer service. Overall, the good news is that there are many part-time, full-time and golf career options if you want to get a job in golf.

The TPC Club Network believes that talented people support our network as a leader in the golf industry and that one person can make a difference. The starter is responsible for making sure each group is aware of the rules of the day, golf cart restrictions, range rules, and dress code for all players.


The 나나알바 most significant qualification of Market Managers is the ability to see the big picture of the management of the Saturday morning market in St. Petersburg. Founded in 2002, the St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market (SUSUB) is the heart of St. Petersburg. Saturday Morning Market was created and designated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2004. A Farmers Market Manager oversees the day-to-day operations of one of the open seasonal Down to Earth Markets in New York City or Westchester County.

Job Description Part-time Farmers Market Filling Manager/Host, $18 an hour at our New York and Westchester Farmers Markets. Morningside Park Winter Farmers Market Manager Morningside Park Winter Farmers Market Manager Part-time, $18 an hour. The position is available at our McGolrick Park Farmers Market on Saturdays from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, located on the corner of West 110th Street and Manhattan Avenue Manhattan Avenue with an additional flexible outdoor schedule. market day for… Continue reading Morningside Park Winter Farmer’s Market Manager Part-time, $18 an hour. Location available at our Farmers Market in Morningside Park on Saturdays from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, located on the corner of West 110th Street. and Manhattan Avenue with additional flexible hours outside of market day for flyers and community engagement opportunities. Down to Earth Market job postings include open positions at Down to Earth Markets and our suppliers.

All employment decisions made by Down to Earth are based on organizational needs, job requirements and employee or candidate qualifications. None of the information provided is endorsed in any way by any of the companies listed above. All operational staff, volunteers and any subcontractors are managed and accountable by the Marketing Manager.

Essentially, the market manager plans the weekly event and provides hands-on supervision on Saturdays. Non-profit vendors are invited to participate in the Market on a very limited basis to provide free community education and select companies that are not eligible to become vendors but can promote their business for a $500 donation to support market programs. Distribution and Warehousing Centers From part-time to full-time, you will be part of the core team that ensures that goods reach store shelves on time.

To apply for a part-time job at Bazaar Basket in Hanover, MA, please download the application form and email us the completed form, or email your contact information to Bazaar Basket Hanover Recruiting Team.

Arrive 1.5 hours before the market opens to determine market conditions and stay at least an hour after closing time to observe the set-up and cleaning. Back Market is committed to providing an inclusive, fulfilling and caring work environment across all of our locations (Paris, Bordeaux, Barcelona, ​​New York, London, Prague and Berlin). People who shop at the market can expect good, clean food from real farmers.

밤 알바

We are looking for 밤 알바 marketing experts in digital, collaborative or wholesale marketing. We are hiring our first Global Head of Wholesale and Retail Marketing from our London office. The challenge for wholesale and retail marketing executives is to support and enhance Axel Arigato’s brand extension in third-party visibility. This role is responsible for running campaigns, content and product initiatives across our wholesale, franchise and third-party platforms, and has a solid understanding of how partners are used as a means of marketing, customer acquisition and performance.

The role will include an in-depth understanding of the existing bulk product supply chain, which is also key to planning upgrades and efficiencies, balancing our high standards of product quality and customer service. This position will support our sales and purchasing teams with information analysis (for example, this will be a ‘high risk’ position which, if successful, may bring additional growth and responsibility in the supply of wholesale products. As you may be aware of Representatively, this is a big role with a big opportunity.

As part of the AWG family, you will receive a complete package of benefits. In addition to vacations and vacations, we provide a number of additional services, including those that promote general health improvement. When you work at rag & bone, you become part of a family that will be happy to help you grow both personally and professionally. At rag & bone, we strive for excellence, from the product we make, to the people we work with, to the environment we work in.

In the face of challenges, we work closely together to make sure we have common goals and can move forward in unison, without too much or too little work. While we still attend trade shows, we now have a core group of supplier partners that we work with to create custom designs. The main goal is to help the company’s customers succeed by achieving the company’s sales and profit targets. We currently sell over 11,000 items on our site every day, we have a physical store and with 250 full-time employees we are one of the largest employers in Bowling Green.

Lyman Farm currently has an opening for a retail bakery salesperson who will be responsible for running our retail bakery business located in our Apple Barrel Market. To open our eBay store, my husband Chris and I invested about $300 to buy clothing and accessories from a wholesale site. Two years later, in 2013, I created a personal Facebook group to promote my clothes.

I had no idea that 10 years from now, my husband, Chris, and I would be managing Pink Lily full-time. After running the Pink Lily side store for three years, I gave up $25 to work full time for the company. In 2011, when I wasn’t working on a $25,000-a-year insurance job or spending time with my family, you’d find me shopping online.

Wholesale Produce Supply, LLC is one of the largest fresh produce wholesale distributors in the Upper Midwest. BJs Wholesale Club is a leading North American sales and marketing agency specializing in outsourced sales, merchandising, category management and marketing services for manufacturers, suppliers and manufacturers of packaged food and consumer products. Our Part Time Event Specialist Jobs at BJs Wholesale Club give you the opportunity to represent the best brands in the market today.

It will develop and provide reports and presentations to management, regulators and even the Board of Directors with vital decision-making information that will contribute to the effective development and management of LCRA’s wholesale business. Our candidate is an experienced leader who can communicate effectively with all levels of the organization, including wholesale customers and market participants, providing managerial experience and advice, and understands the importance of building partnerships and phenomenal networks with a wide range of participants. Provides leadership and direction for long-term electrical resource planning, including market fundamentals and viewpoints.


A shoe designer is a type of 마사지 stylist who is solely dedicated to creating shoes. Shoe designers create shoes that we use in everyday life, on weekends, in sports and outdoors. A shoe designer can specialize in various shoes, such as sneakers, high heels, sandals, cold shoes, sports shoes, and other special shoes. The shoes you most enjoy designing may depend on your personal interests, so learning about them is a great way to develop your shoe specialty.

If you are passionate about shoes, fashion, materials, functionality and art, you could be a shoe designer. Despite what you may have thought, you don’t actually have to spend years in school to learn how to become a shoe designer. Whether you’re dreaming of creating your own sneaker design or fashion footwear, you need a solid foundation in a classic.

You have to think about shoe models and designs, materials, shape, function and other aspects of a good pair of shoes. This will give you a general idea of ​​the shoe design and how the design works within the collection. Obviously, most of knowing how to design shoes is knowing how to design shoes.

You then create technical drawings of the shoes by hand or on a computer using specialized CAD software. Whether you’re working on sneakers or Sex and the City heels, your job as a shoe designer requires pretty much the same steps.

Becoming a shoe designer requires a unique and developed skill set that will allow you to work with others and create high quality shoe concepts. A shoe designer takes care of all the processes involved in making shoes, including the creation of the design, the choice of fabric or material, the sewing process, etc. To become a shoe designer, a wide range of footwear diplomas and training programs are available. design to choose from to make a rewarding career in the field. Another very important and decisive step to becoming a shoe designer and having a fantastic career in this field is to find a mentor or shoe making guru who has been in the business long enough. We meet so many aspiring shoe designers who want to learn, improve and improve their skills to find jobs and careers in shoe design.

With over 25 years of experience in shoe design and private label production, the Italian shoe factory is happy to help anyone interested in becoming a shoe designer. From initial research to the exciting final stage of your packaging design, we are with you every step of the way. With over 25 years of experience in private label footwear and luxury leather goods, our starter pack will help you make your dream of becoming a shoe designer come true.

You’ll find many valuable shoe design ideas, shoe design drawings, and information on the sneaker design process in The Making of Shoes, Our Shoe Design and Final Design, and How to Start Your Own Shoe Company. You can see the “inside” of the various shoe designs we’ve cut and analyzed, including Nike and Vans, in our Shoe Material Design Guide. Brands like Nike and Adidas have shoemaker minds at work, and you can learn a lot from their shoes.

You want to design shoes for big brands like Nike, Adidas, Converse, Puma or Vance. Fill your mind with images: Ferrari, Prada, Frank Gehry, Philippe Starck, Apple, Porsche, and more. There are many websites where you can see great modern product designs other than shoes. Good-looking and good-looking shoe designs are at your fingertips.

Grab a pencil, paper, or whatever you use to draw, and be ready to do it anywhere, anytime. Finally, you want to ask yourself if your project could be technically feasible.

Consider market trends, materials and colors to ensure all designs meet the highest commercial standards. Accreditation courses include lectures on materials, design, human factors, and more. At the School of Design, you’ll work with many creative people and you’re sure to be challenged. In the opinion of British designer Sophia Webster, in addition to technical skills, design courses can also hone your vision and aesthetics. Even if you’re still in high school, taking a footwear design class in your spare time can help you improve your drawing and conceptualization skills.

Many fashion and design companies have shoe design courses that can help you make professional connections and develop formal shoe design skills. Footwear designers and other fashion designers often gain experience through internships or design assistant jobs. Internships are important because it will help you gain first-hand knowledge of working as a designer.

By honing your skills and gaining internship experience, you’ll be able to find ways to get a job in footwear design. Working in the footwear industry, you will meet people from all over the world and from all backgrounds. In this article, we’ll explain what a shoe designer is, describe the important skills they need, detail steps you can take, and share the national average salary and job outlook.

This is primarily a place where you will learn the basics of shoe making. During your Master’s degree, you will gain expert knowledge and competent technical and design skills in the field of footwear design, as well as learn how to conceptualize your brand according to your interests, tastes and creative preferences. If this is your first exposure to shoe design and using software to render your designs, start with Adobe Illustrator.

Pierre Hardy, who has been designing shoes for three decades, has no shortage of advice for those who want to dress below the ankle. In this role, you will assist in all aspects of design related to the women’s footwear collection as directed by the footwear design manager.